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Name/Handle: Juniper
Contact: [ profile] ricinbeens or ricinbeens at AIM
Reference: Teeff
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Character name: Nux
Character journal: [personal profile] iamawaited
Series name: Mad Max: Fury Road
Canon notes: Taken from immediately after his death, with all memories intact.

Species: Essentially human! Nux is from a terrible dystopia in which all of humanity lives on a radiation-soaked wasteland, so there are a few ways in which he's not quite like your average 21st Century human (see below for more detail).

History: The Oil Wars. The Water Wars. The death of the world came sooner and faster than anyone could have expected: within two generations, almost nothing green was left at all. The Earth's population had fallen drastically, and most of those who were left were sickened and weakened by radiation poisoning and malignant, deforming tumors. This was the world Nux was born into. For his first two years, he was a child of the Wasteland, and though his parents loved him enough not to sell him off (as many did), they were as sick and starved as any other desert wretch.

Eventually, they made their way into the shadow of the towering Citadel. There, Nux's mother died of her various illnesses, while his father was plucked from the crowd and essentially kidnapped for hard, dangerous work within the Citadel. Nux, a stranded toddler, fled for the only escape he could see: the great elevator that brought people and machines up into the Citadel. He grabbed hold of the lift just as it was leaving the ground. The War Boys aboard jeered and laughed, expecting him to fall -- but when he managed to hold on nearly all the way to the top, they pulled him aboard and brought him into the Citadel itself. They named him Nux: a hard nut to crack.

Nux was adopted into the ranks of the War Boys, the followers of the Citadel leader Immortan Joe. A true fanatic of Joe's Cult of the V8, Nux believed a few things very simply and very strongly: that if he proved himself and ended his "half-life" doing something great, he could spend his afterlife in Valhalla; that Immortan Joe would be the one to help him ascend; and that the Citadel's engines (and by extension all things mechanical) were the tools that would bring him his reward. He had a V8 blueprint scarred onto his chest and skeleton features scarred into his face to symbolize his commitment to the end of his "half-life."

Nux started off as a mechanic and eventually rose through the War Boy ranks to become a driver -- a highly coveted position. However, he also became sicker and sicker the older he got. When the Imperator Furiosa kidnapped Immortan Joe's prized wives, Nux saw his best and maybe only chance of ascending to Valhalla. Already too sick to stand without help, he had the Citadel's doctor, the Organic Mechanic, strap his living blood bag (hi, Max) to the hood of his car. Nux, his blood bag, and his lancer Slit took off after Imperator Furiosa.

Nux tried three times to kill Furiosa and capture the wives and failed three times, while his blood bag managed to free himself and joined Furiosa's ranks. On his third attempt, Nux failed right in front of Immortan Joe's eyes and was shunned by his god. Right after that, Joe's favorite wife, the Splendid Angharad, fell from Furiosa's war rig while Nux's blood bag was driving and was crushed under the wheels. Desolate, Nux hid in the back of the war rig, essentially ready to lay down and die. Instead, he was discovered by one of the wives, Capable, who was the first person in his memory to show him kindness and forgiveness. Instantly smitten with her, he decided to dedicate the remainder of his half-life to helping the wives get free.

Easier said than done, of course. The war rig made it all the way out to Furioas's childhood home, only for its riders to find that the one-time Green Place was now as wasted and toxic as everything else. The group, with what was left of Furiosa's clan, prepared to set off across the bleak salt flats -- but the blood bag proposed a different idea: turn around, break through Joe's defenses, and take the Citadel for themselves.

Though many of Furiosa's people died, the party managed to kill Joe and made it nearly all the way back. One by one, they left the war rig for Joe's car, so that they could ditch the war rig on the rocks and block the pursuit behind... But when Nux was the only one left aboard, Joe's son Rictus ripped the engine off, blocking any chance he might have had to escape. He did the only other thing he could do: he turned the rig into a suicide bomb, crashing it into the rocks to kill himself, Rictus, and a number of pursuers, and trap the rest in the canyon behind the wreckage.

Personality: Nux is, to put it mildly, very intense. What he believes, he believes with absolute commitment and vehement passion. He's literally carved his faith into his skin, even more than a typical War Boy: most if not all of them have scars, but Nux has noticeably more than most of them, and he's the only one to have such a complex and intricate design as the V8 on his chest. He's so determined to die a good death that he pulls himself from the very brink of it just so he can die properly, in the service of Immortan Joe, on the way to Valhalla.

He's also more or less a child in a lot of ways. He was raised with a very simplistic idea of the world that has only been recently (if very drastically) challenged, and his horizons have not yet been very widely expanded. He's always believed what he's been told to believe. Even now, this hasn't really changed all that much. He shifts the object of his devotion from Joe to Capable, but he still doesn't ask a lot of questions. Even when he doesn't know what something is or why, he tends to accept the first explanation given. Similarly, if he knows he knows something, he'll be active with it (e.g., fixing a car), but if he doesn't know it, he can be fairly passive until someone tells him what to do. He likes being led, and he responds incredibly well to praise and positive attention. He's very, very eager to please.

There are hints in the film, though, that he does have the ability to grow and learn. It's not explicit in canon exactly why he decides to jump from Joe's side to the wives' -- is it just because Joe abandons him and Capable is kind to him, or is there something more to it than that? -- but I would argue that he really does start to change his point of view. For one thing, he doesn't really just jump wholeheartedly into being Team Wives; he's shown to struggle with his faith after that, dismayed and confused when Joe (who was, after all, supposed to be a god) dies, but also when he realizes that he himself is finally going to die and that he might not want to after all. When he's explaining himself to Capable, he also says that he thought he was going to "die for something great," and I think a large part of his reason to join her side was being convinced that helping them would be doing something great. He clearly seems to think so when Max suggests they take the Citadel, saying it "feels like hope" (which is, itself, something he overheard from Max and Furiosa and seems to have been really thinking about). He also loses a lot of his cocky pride from the start of the film, becoming softer and less arrogant.

Because he is still fairly childish, though, his mood and temperament can go to pretty hard extremes. He can be gentle, and when he is he is very sweet, but he can also be intensely violent and even fairly brutal. He kills without compunction; he enslaves Max; he spits in Furiosa's face and offers to stab her in the spine to keep her alive but injured/paralyzed. He displays a fiercely competitive nature as a War Boy, knocking Slit to the ground even when he can barely stand up in order to dominate over him. Similarly, when he gets emotional, he gets very emotional. He cries when Joe promises to witness his death and raise him to Valhalla. After Angharad's death, he not only weeps, but tries to hurt himself by banging his head on the floor.

Nux will be incredibly excited by just about everything when he wakes up on the Marsiva, especially because like 99% of it is stuff he's never seen before or has suffered a permanent shortage of. All the water he wants!! A real bed!! Maybe sometimes there's some green stuff!!! He's not dying!?!?! Wow. He's also going to be incredibly pleased by his pilot augment, although it... may be a good idea for him to get some coaching from fellow pilots vis a vis "these ships are not made to withstand crashing eighty times in a row, please don't do that."

Abilities: As mentioned above, although Nux is human by species, his upbringing and environment have given him a few strengths and a few weaknesses that differ from the average Fleet human.

Weaknesses: When Nux died, he was already very close to the end of his half-life. He has a sickness that is unnamed in canon but is most likely a form of leukemia caused by radiation exposure. It can be kept at bay by blood transfusion, but is still pretty dire. He has two tumors near his neck (that he's helpfully nicknamed Larry and Barry) which he implies can impact his breathing when things are particularly bad. He also suffers from extreme weakness and fatigue when left untreated. Of course, he wouldn't get very good ratings if he dropped dead two days into the show, so the progress of the disease is halted for the time being. Larry and Barry are still there, but he had a blood transfusion three days prior to his canon point and so is fairly stable.

Strengths: In spite of the cancer, it's implied that Nux -- and really just about anyone that's managed to survive in his world -- is probably hardier than most. This is somewhat headcanon, but over the course of the film he survives an insane amount of physical punishment in conditions that would easily kill a modern-day human, including intense heat, dehydration, malnutrition, and crashing/falling from a moving vehicle twice before he actually dies. This can likely be explained by the fact that the Wasteland is an incredibly difficult place to live and the life of a War Boy is particularly rough; those who live to Nux's age (around 20) are either born or trained to live despite the terrible odds -- even when sick -- if only long enough to die in an epic and useful fashion. The upshot is that Nux can likely thrive for longer than most in very poor conditions and has a very high tolerance for pain.

In somewhat more mundane abilities, he is also a gifted driver and mechanic, and can literally crawl under/into a moving vehicle and fix it while it is still in motion.

Augment Skillset: PILOT AUGMENT. WATCH OUT. He modified his own car in canon to A: be able to drive backwards at incredibly high speeds, B: contain a homemade nitrous oxide system and C: also contain an inner gas pipe to make it possible to flood and then blow up the vehicle. Also, the dude huffs paint. This may get literally explosive.


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